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The Bible makes two things clear: The life of every living thing is in the blood, and, as the author of Hebrews emphatically declares, Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness

The ONLY single thing in the entire universe that can: 

  • Take away sins, 
  • Cleanse your conscience
  • and renders Satan useless 

IS  -  the precious blood of Christ. 

When God wanted to remove the children of Israel from the iron grip of Pharaoh – which we call the Exodus – a simple but powerful statement was made: ‘When I see the blood I will pass over you.’  God was not looking at the people inside the house but looking at the blood. It was the VALUE AND THE VIRTUE OF THE BLOOD that prevented the angel of death from touching them. 

All of humanity have been stained with sin through the fall of Adam, but sin and Satan cannot exert authority over those who come under the blood of Christ. When the blood was applied, sin and death had no power over the children of God and it was their segue out of Egypt and from under Pharaoh’s control. 

The blood of favor [book]

The much neglected and overlooked subject of the blood of Christ trickling down the cross is the answer that all of mankind has been waiting for. There are inexhaustible benefits of this uncommon blood; but before we can ever experience these benefits, we must explore their possibilities.

After reading this book you will slap the devil, you will slap sickness and tell any form of generational affliction in your family line: YOU have no influence over me.

The prayer life of Jesus [book]

Who is more qualified to teach you prayer than Jesus? Learn from the best to be the best. You will discover depths and dimensions in prayer that will take you into the deep waters of the supernatural.

When you order these two powerful books, we will also send you this fresh CD message, The value and virtue of the blood completely free. 

Jesus did not shed His blood for Himself; He shed his blood for YOU.


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