Partner with us

Partners help us to do what we cannot do by ourselves.

Few are called to full-time ministry but every one is called to reach our world; you share the heavenly rewards for all that this ministry accomplishes – through your continued financial and prayerful support.

There is no way I can fulfill all that God has planned for this ministry without Partners. The vision God has given me is simply too big to accomplish on my own. It will take people like you as partners together with me to accomplish this God-honoring vision.


Your Partnership makes an impact

Partnership allows us to:

  • Globally preach the Gospel through television (The Word Network, Faith TV, TMH), the Internet and other avenues.
  • Travel and preach the Gospel to the nations – USA, England, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Mauritius, Russia, Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Rodrigues, Madagascar, Cote D’Ivoire, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Panama, Benin, Argentina, Congo, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong.
  • Author books anointed by the Holy Spirit, endowed with information that will radically transform the lives of believers.
  • Host Healing crusades and conventions worldwide.

Partnership is not a one-time event; Partners are people, churches and businesses that give to our ministry on a regular basis.

Together, I'm sure we can impact the world and accomplish marvelous things to the glory of God. Remember, there is strength and power in partnership, and as this ministry grows, so will you. Again, thank you for considering partnering and sowing into this ministry. I want to hear from you.

I want you to become a partner with Glenn Arekion Ministries. I do not take such a covenant relationship lightly. It is a partner’s commitment and donations that ensure this ministry is able to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, through television, seminars, crusades and conventions.

Join me as a Partner today and be part of this end-time harvest! Together, let’s reach the millions who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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