The Spirit Led Life


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So many times, we are told in church, 'In order for you to be successful in life you have to be led by the Spirit.' Over and over again we were told ‘you must walk in the spirit’ but we were not instructed as to HOW we can walk in the Spirit, much less being led by the Spirit.

Today you are about to receive information that you can apply! In the Spirit Led Life series, Glenn Arekion gives you the knowledge and the application that will enable you to tap into the leading of the Spirit.

YOUR access to victory, is by being led by the Holy Spirit!

To make an impact in life, business and ministry you need to be led by the Spirit!

Unfortunately, the term ‘being led by the Spirit’ is a cliché for many believers… and they walk around in life frustrated, because they do not know how to get results… RESULTS TO BRING ABOUT DESIRED CHANGE!

5 power-packed CDs loaded with information to get you on the path of the Spirit!


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