Pre-fasting preparation

One of the worst things people can do is to stuff themselves with food prior to a fast thinking that it will help them not to get hungry.  As we go on a fast in January, after the Christmas and New Year where people usually indulged themselves with rich food, we have to be careful how we enter the fast. You have to wean yourself off food prior to entering into your fast in order not to shock your body. Fasting is difficult enough and you do not need to add more complications. So prior to the fast I begin to wean off rich and greasy food. I consume more water and more vegetables and salad. 

Do not jump into a long fast without preparation. Now if you were doing a short one day fast, there would be no problem. However if you are going on a long fast and you jump into it without preparation then that is not wisdom.  Consuming cakes, high carbs and greasy food prior to a fast will only amplify the discomfort when you fast as your body releases the toxins. This is when people have serious headaches and malaise. 

So prior to going on a long fast, do as much as you can to detoxify your body from the rich and most likely unhealthy food you have partaken of. This is what I do a week before I fast, 

  • I start walking - 45-60 minutes brisk walk 
  • I consume vegetables and salad and abstain from high carbs food
  • I consume lots of water to detoxify my body. I abstain from sodas and other juices
  • I cut down on my meal portion
  • I juice fruit and drink it
  • I go to the gym

All of the above is to condition my body prior to the fast. 


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