Faith and Fasting Connection

It is 1 am and I was just musing upon the connection and similarity between faith and fasting.  If there is no specificity to your faith then you will be like a wave of the sea that is tossed to and fro. For faith to be effective, it must be specific. Once your faith has a target or a goal  then it goes into overdrive to get the job done. The Word says, 'Faith worketh...', but it cannot do so without a distinct target. In the same way, your fast must be specific in order for it to work. 

If you are fasting simply because someone told you to do so without the revelation of fasting then you will be tossed to and from when your body starts to scream at you to feed it. 

  • Nehemiah was specific in his fast because he wanted to rebuild the wall. 
  • Ezra was specific in his fast because he wanted protection from hijackers and terrorists wen he was crossing back to Jerusalem. 
  • Esther was specific in her fast because she wanted to reverse the death sentence ranging over the Jewish population worldwide. 

The more specific you are the stronger and sharper your faith will be. It works the same for a fast. Now let me leave you with these two thoughts,

Confession done under the influence of fasting acts like a weapon of mass destruction in the camp of the enemy.

The Word spoken under the influence of fasting brings immediate and swift answers into your life.

We see this reality played out in the life of Jesus on the Mount of Temptations. After a season of fasting, the Spoken Word on the lips of Jesus did much damage to Satan when the Lord encountered him. 


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