Excel Lagos 2018

I am looking forward to may 2018 when we will host our very first Excel Convention in the great Nigerian city of Lagos. This is a dream becoming a reality. In 2017, I made my 105th trip in Nigeria and as you know I love going to this great nation and I have been going to Nigeria for 25 years. I KNOW THAT I AM CALLED TO NIGERIA.  I consider myself to be a MISSSIONARY to NIgeria. 

When my brother Bruno and I were kids we used to play a game where we would have an atlas of the maps of the world and we would take turns to close our eyes and put a finger on one of the cities in Africa then the other would have to guess what city our finger touched. Many times it would be Niamey, Ouadougou, Accra, Benin and Lagos. As a kid I would wonder what Africa was like and now I have been to Africa many times. It is amazing what God would use from our childhood game. So I am super excited about this year’s 1st Annual Convention in Lagos, Nigeria.

My guest this year is none other than 'God’s Generals' author Dr Roberts Liardon who is a reservoir of information on the keys to the supernatural in the lives of the great preachers of the past. 

The theme of our convention this year is ‘Imparting the Supernatural in You.’ I believe in the Supernatural and I have stated over and over again that, Powerlessness is the blight of the modern church. Today we have eloquence and information but no power to bring about change in people’s lives. 

You need to put these dates in your diary. Thursday May 24 thru to Sunday May 27. It is going to be a blockbuster. 

Tell your friends and specially pastors about this great event. I promise you, it is going to be great. 


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