New book - The Prayer life of Jesus

February 21st, I just finished another 50,000+ words manuscript on the subject, The Prayer life of Jesus. The idea is to develop our prayer life by looking at his. Who is better suited to teach us about prayer if not the Lord himself? I believe the believer will find this new book helpful to eradicate the frustration of a non existent prayer life. Even though we know better yet many are struggling with prayer.  This book will have 12 chapters covering a range of of prayer subjects. Here are the 12 chapters,

Chapter 1  Lord, teach me to pray

Chapter 2  The prayer life of Jesus Part 1

Chapter 3  The prayer life of  Jesus  Part 2

Chapter 4  Defining  prayer? 

Chapter 5  Seven Different facets of prayer Part 1

Chapter 6  Seven Different facets of prayer Part 2

Chapter  7 Prayer is the rending  and opening  of the heavens  Part 1

Chapter  8 Prayer is the rending  and opening  of the heavens Part 2

Chapter 9 Jesus teaches depths and dimensions in prayer

Chapter 10 Alone with God

Chapter  11  The prayer of  importunity

Chapter  12  Contending  for prophecies through spiritual warfare

I am believing God for this book to be out by April ending and if the Lord leads you why not sow a special seed in the publishing of this book.


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