Day 21 FINAL DAY! - 21 Days of Fasting

This is it! You've completed the 21-day fast. Many people have been on this journey with you and I am convinced that you will begin to see the benefits in your life to the commitment that you made. God honors the discipline and respect you have shown and I encourage you to continue your pursuit of Him, in prayer and petition: build upon what you have learned during the last three weeks.

Don't think that fasting is only for January! This powerful tool should not be reserved only for the beginning of a new year. Make a decision to pursue fasting throughout 2018 as a way to confront any issues in your life and to knock the devil down.

This year I have determined personally – and for our ministry – that we will embark on a 3  day fast every month as a regular sacrifice, as well as whenever the need arises.

I encourage you to bookmark the Fasting page as a resource: don't forget how important and how effective a genuine time of fasting is, and remember to spend additional time in prayer during your fasts or you're just going on a hunger strike!

Well done, and God bless you.



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