250 Fasting Quotes mp3

Today I will head into our studio and do a brand new recording on Fasting. I was perusing through my brand new book, '101 Explosive Benefits of Fasting' and I noted that apart from the 101 benefits of fasting  and the 101 fasting nuggets chapter that there were other quotes I put in the book that are very inspirational.  

I asked my assistant to go through the book and add all the pullouts, quotes and sayings that I have put in that book and she came back to me with 258 quotes.  I thought about all these quotes and decided that it will be beneficial for believers when they are on a fast to listen to these quotes and power statements to keep them motivated through their fast.  

So later today, I will sit down in the studio and record them. It will be available very soon and you will need to get it. I give you my word - You will be blessed and inspired. It will mentally prepare you prior to your fast and inspire you spiritually and physically to see your fast through to the end when you feel the hunger pains and are tempted to quit. Keep checking my blog and I will keep you updated on the progress.

Everything that I do as a minister,  every book that I write and every message that I teach are to help you as a believer. My passion and purpose to be in the ministry is to help you be the person that God wants you to be.  What is on my mind is not what I can get out of you but what you can get out of me.  


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