21 Days of Fasting. It's a new season!

It's a brand new season!

Starting on January 9th we have  a series of short videos on fasting, one for each day as we go through our season of fasting and prayer for 21 days in the month of January.  Of course you will also get to see these videos on our specific fasting page on our website glennarekion.org/fasting

I also want to remind that we have a powerful book on the subject of fasting and the title is ‘101 Explosive Benefits of Fasting’ . The information in this book will radically transform your life if you are interested to walk in the miraculous and the supernatural. 

Here are some things you will glean from this book:

  • Is fasting passed away?
  • Jesus’ and Paul’s perspective on fasting
  • 101 benefits of fasting
  • Hundreds of power quotes on fasting
  • The different types, genre and levels of fasting

Allow me to insert a powerful quote from the book:

When fasting held a prominent place in the church, the power of God and the supernatural was pre-eminent in the church.

Join us from January 9th as we enter a fasting and prayer season. Let me remind you that fasting has nothing to do with your salvation but it has everything to do with you walking in the power of God to release the supernatural. The old timers knew this powerful secret that is oblivious to many in the modern church. 

A word of caution in regards to fasting – never  measure yourself with someone else’s level when it come to fasting. 

Fast according to your capacity.  Many have foolishly fasted to their hurt. Use wisdom when it comes to fasting. 


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