106th time in Nigeria

Right now as you are reading this blog, I am in the great West African country of Nigeria. This is my 106th time in this great land which is in revival. Nigeria has some of the most prominent churches in the world and a host of prolific preachers.  As a teenager I had a visitation of the Lord and I saw myself standing in a foreign land. I asked the Lord, 'Where am I?' He answered. 'You are in Nigeria and your greatest harvest will be in Nigeria.' This is why I love this place so much! So many times people have asked me why do I go to Nigeria and why do I love it so much. Here are my reasons,

  1.  God called me to Nigeria and I love the Nigerian people
  2.  There is fruitfulness in the place where God calls a person
  3.  I have a close affinity with the Nigerian people
  4. Nigeria taught me ministry while America taught me the Word
  5. Nigerians respond to the Gospel like no other people. They are praying machines and have an unbridled confidence in God's Word
  6. I am happy when I am in Nigeria
  7. I have seen how the Gospel can change a nation in Nigeria

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