Enemies of your productivity

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Your level of prosperity or profit is directly linked to your level of productivity.

Although we are aware of such a concrete fact, many partake of activities which kill our potential for super wealth or a fruitful career. If you want to reach the top of the ladder in your career or be a renown entrepreneur you must eradicate productivity-killing activities. One of the laws of Genesis is to be fruitful and multiply. Therefore mankind is under a divine mandate to be productive. This also means that you are under a divine mandate to be productive and reach the peak of your chosen career. Now let’s briefly look at some of the most common pitfalls you should look to avoid.

Lack of goals   

A productive person is a goal oriented person. It is highly unlikely to be productive without goals. You can be very busy without being productive and many are. Many are busy achieving nothing. The proof of productivity is being fruitful meaning you see a basket full of fruit. If you are very busy and do not see a full basket of fruit then you are just busy doing stuff. This is why you need goals. A goal is your target. You need a target because without one you have nothing to aim for and shoot at. A life without goals is simply drifting into a sea of insignificance. Goals are what allow you to be proactive, take initiative and be productive.

Social Media     

As great as Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, texting and all the rest may be, they can become amazingly distracting. I have done it and I know you’ve done it too: “I’m just going to check my Facebook for a minute and then do some work.” Before you realize it, you have spent an hour or two on Facebook. That is two hours of productivity gone that you will never be able to redeem. If you will spend time on social media, then do it to advance your career or product but not to waste too much time socializing.

Web Browsing  

The internet is a great tool but a lot of people browse the internet just to check up on goofy stuff and things that will not advance their life or career. Cut it out! If you want to goof around on the internet, do it during your break. I understand you want to check up on the news and on your favorite sports team but do not let these become a distraction to your productivity level. Solomon said, 'To everything there is a time and a season.' Failure to understand this principle will seriously affect your production level. Use the internet for information, education and connection.


Procrastination is the thief of destiny. Putting off until later what you should be doing now reveals a lack of discipline, a lack of focus and laziness. Some people say,  “But I work best under pressure!” While that may be true for some, for the majority it is slothfulness and a lack of drive on display. I tell my kids to live by this rule, "Work when it is time to work and play when it is time to play. Do not mix the two. If you do then you will be in trouble." Do today what you have to do today!


Some people will never learn. They think they are like the octopus and can juggle a lot of things at the same time. Here is what I have discovered about people who yack on about multi tasking: they actually are multi-starters but not multi-finishers. The best way to finish something is to finish it. Give your time, energy and attention to one specific task and focus on it until it is completed. Once it is done then tackle the next one. 

Lack of time management concept  

I tell people, ‘If you have no concept of time then I can’t help you.’ Time is the most precious commodity we have as humans. To waste it would be detrimental! A person with no time management concept will abort his own career and destiny. You must master time to be productive. Learn to give a stretch of time to a particular activity and you will see progress. Don't let people take your time! In life you will meet many time-thieves but it is up to you to protect yourself. Protecting your time is protecting your life.


Order is the mother of productivity and clutter is the parent of confusion. I cannot operate in a cluttered environment. I travel extensively and spend 99.9 % of my time in hotels and therefore do a lot of my book writings there. It is a clutter free zone and I love it. Hence when I am at home, I like one room to look like the hotel suite which I am accustomed to in order to create that ambiance for me to be productive. If your office looks like it has been bombed and there are mounds of receipts, paperwork, scattered books, broken equipment, folders as well as a gazillion other stuff then you have a disorder issue. Endeavor to have a simple filing system in place, keep important things accessible and get rid of the piles of papers. A simple key to order is, go through, file or get rid of mail

Ignoring Technology

Doing things the old way and refusing to update yourself with technology is a killer to productivity. Today there are machines that can do things faster and more efficient than humans. So invest in technology and equipment. Keep informed about the latest technologies that pertain to your sphere of work. Never be afraid of technology, it was created to serve you and make life more convenient. It is not as daunting as you think and since you are alive in the 21st century, it is only normal for you to be accustomed to technology.

Over promising

Over promising and under performing is a killer to your productivity. It sets a reputation for being a let down, a lack of integrity and a person whose word is not good. It is always better to under promise and over perform. Over-committed people tend to bite off more than they can chew and eventually find themselves choking. Productivity is learning to say 'yes' to the things that matter most and fully executing their tasks. Commit to what is necessary and important.

As you examine your life, you will detect what other productivity-killing activities you are engaging in. Once you detect them, you need to eliminate them in order to enhance your productivity level.


The Drive Of Your Life

When you lose your drive, you lose your zest and passion for the fulfillment of your dreams. It is time to pick yourself up from self discouragement, stop wallowing in pity party and get moving with your dreams and goals


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