Seven ways to increase your anointing


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What you are about to read will revolutionize your life and take you to a higher dimension! The anointing is the most indispensable force in the life of the believer. With it, you will have the power and faith to do great exploits. Without it, life and ministry will be a constant source of frustration and irritation. Many have visions but simply do not know how to make the realities in their lives.

This book is full of answers to your most frustrating questions. The name of the game is results, and when you know how to purposely tap into the anointing and treasure of God, you will:

  • be transformed into a different person
  • be elevated into a new place in God
  • be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of suffering people
  • see your dream become your destiny

Seven ways to increase your anointing will answer your heart's cry. It will show you how to remove the powerlessness and lack of influence in your life, while empowering you to do the mighty works of God.


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