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101 Explosive Benefits of Fasting

This book is an absolute must if you are tired of a life of helplessness and a life of mundane Christianity. The kingdom of God is not in meat and drink but in the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Now more than ever there is a need for the body of Christ to resurrect this mighty weapon of fasting to tear down strongholds.

The Benefits of Praise

This 20-page eBook is a quick read and a powerful booster to your praise life. Keep it handy, read it often. Never forget the importance and the benefits of Praise to our Lord and Savior.

The Holy Spirit, the Supernatural & You

Without the supernatural, the church is nothing but a social club. Without the supernatural, the believer and the church will be all talk and no action. There is a need for the supernatural to be evident in the church today; we need to see the power of God in our midst.

The Invincible Name of Jesus

There is power in the name of Jesus. Salvation, healing and miracles are available to you in this world. There is no other name under heaven to receive salvation except through the name of Jesus.

The Power of Praying in Tongues

Are you ready for the supernatural? Tired of mundane, dead Christianity and want to see Bible days in your life? Then this book is for you! The Lord Jesus Christ specifically mentioned that His house is to be the house of prayer. If you are born again, then you form part of the family of God, and prayer is your calling. This is not just a book based on emotionalism and stories but an exhaustive research in this marvelous aspect of prayer.

The Blood of Favor

This blood holds within it manifold blessings because of the covenant which it represents, whether it is approached for the salvation of a loved one, forgiveness of sin, or when the storms of life come upon us. This book will show you a step-by-step process to the victory in life that the precious blood of Christ holds

Receiving Direction From Above

ever is troubling you is not troubling God. Whatever is disturbing you is certainly not disturbing God. Why? Because God knows what to do about your problem. The reason you are perturbed and troubled is due to the fact that you do not know what God knows. If you knew what he knew then you would be just like God: cool, calm and collected.

The Prayer life of Jesus

You  don’t have to be like the majority of believers who have a non-existent prayer life. You can learn from the best! Who else is better qualified to impart the spirit of prayer and supplication in you other than Jesus? As you peruse through the pages of this volume on prayer, you will learn divine secrets from the Master to delve into depths and dimensions of prayer that you have never entered before

Turning Your Dreams Into Realities

“I’m living the dream” is an expression that is often said but hardly ever experienced. Much has been said in the past years about the importance of dreams and visions for a fulfilled life and yet there are more dissatisfied people today than ever. This is because without wisdom, strategies and disciplines, visions remain grounded. This book  will unveil to you the necessary wisdom, strategies and the corresponding disciplines that you need to turn your dreams into realities.

Healing Belongs To You

Since Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, He is still anointed to heal. The ministry of Jesus, today, is still a miraculous, healing ministry - as it was when he first walked the streets of Jerusalem and the shores of Galilee. This book will answer the important healing questions and reveal God's thoughts towards your wellness. This book will eliminate doubts, banish fear and boost your faith to receive your inheritance.

Seven Ways To Increase Your Anointing

What you are about to read will revolutionize your life and take you to a higher dimension! The anointing is the most indispensable force in the life of the believer. With it, you will have the power and faith to do great exploits. Seven ways to increase your anointing will answer your heart's cry. It will show you how to remove the powerlessness and lack of influence in your life, while empowering you to do the mighty works of God.

Secrets to the Prayer Life

Every true born-again believer knows that he must pray yet most believers do not have a prayer life. It is not for a lack of desire but many are wallowing in prayerlessness because they have never been taught how to pray and how to develop an effective prayer life. The secrets revealed in this book are what the people of old knew but unfortunately are not common to the average believer today. This is a passing-on of the baton from the former generations to this present generation so that we do not lose the legacy of prayer.

The Virtues Of A Strong Spirit

Living in the last days, it is imperative for the believer to be strong in spirit, to overcome the relentless attacks of the world, the flesh and the devil. The information that you will obtain from these pages will impact you: become the conqueror that Christ designed you be.

Exposing & Overcoming the Spirit of Barrenness

When dealing with the spirit of barrenness, you are dealing with the spirit of stagnation and limitation. It seeks to curtail your life, your status, your ministry, your church, your family and your finances. BUT IT CAN BE BROKEN!  this book, Dr. Glenn gives you five powerful keys to destroy the spirit of barrenness and forbid it from ever operating in your life.

Provoking Exploits through the force of Imposing, Aggressive Faith

The strength of your enemy is your ignorance. Those who are weak and ignorant will be exploited but those who are strong will have exploits. An exploit is a great feat that brings joy and every believer is called to a life of unlimited exploits – yet not every believer is experiencing this quality of life. It’s not because God is limiting anyone from a life of exploits, there are just some key life-elements and attributes that are likely missing. Many books have been written about faith but this book will open up another vista that will boost your faith for supernatural exploits.


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