Secrets to the Prayer Life


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Every true born-again believer knows that he must pray yet most believers do not have a prayer life. It is not for a lack of desire but many are wallowing in prayerlessness because they have never been taught how to pray and how to develop an effective prayer life.

This book was written with you in mind to help you with your plight. 

In this book, Secrets to the Prayer Life, you will learn,

  • Why you need prayer 
  • The causes of prayerlessness
  • Eight secrets to the prayer life
  • The difference between priestly prayers and royal decrees
  • What the will of God is 
  • The secret of agonizing and prevailing prayer 
  • 'Camel Knees' and Peter’s deliverance
  • The secret of prophetic prayer
  • The secrets of the secret place
  • The dual functions of the secret place
  • The protocol of the secret place
  • How to position yourself to pray for one hour, three hours or however long it needs to be

The secrets revealed in this book are what the people of old knew but unfortunately are not common to the average believer today. This is a passing-on of the baton from the former generations to this present generation so that we do not lose the legacy of prayer.

Effective Christianity is not in technology and modernity but it is still on the knees of praying saints. 


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