A Panoramic View of Heaven and Hell


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For every man and woman born on the earth, one thing is certain and that is that one day we will all die. As important as your entrance into the earth is – and we celebrate our birthdays to commemorate our entrance – a more important factor to consider is your exit from this earth. Where will you go when you breathe your last breath on this earth? Are you going to heaven where Jesus is right now, and is hell a reality or the figment of preacher's imaginations to scare people to believe in God?

What if heaven and hell are real?

Today there are millions of believers who tell you when they die they will go to heaven but how much do they know about heaven?

Hell is a reality because Jesus talked about it!

Millions are going there for one reason! What is that reason?

Why would a loving God send people to hell? Where is hell?

This two-part series will provide a Panoramic view of Heaven and Hell.


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