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The Prayer Life of Jesus [Book & 2 CD series]

Nothing is more important than your prayer life.

We see this reality epitomized in the life and ministry of Jesus. Our Lord was a man of prayer. His prayer life was very intense and highly productive. This brand-new book and message series  is designed to kick-start your prayer life by showing you the different dimensions and depths that you can attain in prayer.

You  don’t have to be like the majority of believers who have a non-existent prayer life. You can learn from the best! Who else is better qualified to impart the spirit of prayer and supplication in you other than Jesus? As you peruse through the pages of this volume on prayer, you will learn divine secrets from the Master to delve into depths and dimensions of prayer that you have never entered before. 

In this book you will discover:

  • The secrets to Jesus’s prayer life
  • Seven different facets of prayer
  • How to operate under an open heaven
  • Depths and dimensions in prayer
  • What the prayer of importunity is
  • How to be alone with God
  • Secrets to successful spiritual warfare

The future belongs to those who pray!


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