Guidance through tongues

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In this day and age of constant noise and distractions, the average believer struggles to tap into the specific will revert of God for their lives. Important questions such as:

  • Am I supposed to marry this person?
  • Does God want me in this career?
  • Am I suppose to go to Africa as a missionary?
  • Do I get involved in this business Endeavor?

And a myriad of similarly important questions. While God can guide us in many ways, the two most important ways that God will lead us is through the Scriptures and the help of the Holy Spirit. While the Scriptures give us the parameter for the general will of God, it is through the Holy Spirit that we receive guidance about the specifics of our lives. Most believers do not know how to draw help from the Holy Spirit.

We use the expressions ‘Led by the Spirit ‘ glibly and unfortunately it has become a cliché in the modern church. This is why this two-CD series is a must for you. Through these two messages, Glenn will help you with tools on how to access guidance, help and the leading of the Spirit for the specifics of your life.


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