What will you do with Tongues?

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Have you heard preachers said, ‘Tongues is of the devil!’ Or ‘Tongues has passed away and is not for us today!’ These are but a couple of statements made by foolish preachers and denominations that were famous for believing nothing.

The same preachers who do not believe in the reality of Tongues do not believe in the realities of the supernatural, the operations of the nine gifts of the Spirit and miracles. When you think about what they do not believe, then what is the point of being a believer? These false beliefs render the believer as a victim.

In this  series, What will you do with Tongues, Glenn will take you on a journey to understand the difference between tongues as glossalalia and tongues as xenolalia. You will grasp the meaning of the cloven tongues of fire on the day of Pentecost. You will understand the difference between Tongues as a heavenly prayer language and Tongues as one of the gifts of the Spirit. This series will shed light on your understanding of Tongues so that you can fully partake of this tremendous privilege available to the believer.


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