Dominion over worry, anxiety and stress


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As I travel around the globe, I see so many believers who have been struck with mental breakdowns and depressions and there seems to be no difference between the world and the church. That should not be the case in the church! That should not be the case for anyone but specially for believers. Worry has debilitating effects upon the mind and well being of a person. These effects are designed to tear a person down. 

Look at how Jesus worded his answer to Martha, 'You are full of cares or worries and this is what has resulted in you being troubled to the point of cracking up.' Being fretful and panicking  are as a result of you allowing things in your heart which should not be there. Some of the outward expressions of worry inside of you are:

  • Panic
  • Wringing of hands
  • Illogical answers 
  • Mental meltdown
  • Helplessness
  • Loss of control
  • Sense of imminent loss 

 I want to encourage you to stop worrying. You say, 'Well how do I do that?' It is simple, 'Cast your cares upon him.' In other words give all your problems to Jesus and tell him, 'Lord, this is now out of my hands and I give them into your hands to do something about them.' Then once you do this, start praising him for the answer and expect your miracle to come!


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