Overcoming Barrenness / A new season of Fruitfulness


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Book: Exposing & Overcoming The Spirit of Barrenness

The first prophetic words ever spoken to humanity by Elohim were, "Be fruitful and multiply". Barrenness therefore is a direct assault, confrontation, violation and challenge to God's first decree to mankind. In this book you will discover that barrenness is not only a biological or a female problem and it operates on many different levels with different facets.

Barrenness is manifested:

  • Biologically 
  • Territorially
  • Financially
  • Ministerially
  • Generationally
  • Mentally
  • Professionally
  • Spiritually
  • Personally

When dealing with the spirit of barrenness, you are dealing with the spirit of stagnation and limitation. It seeks to curtail your life, your status, your ministry, your church, your family and your finances. BUT IT CAN BE BROKEN!

In this book, Dr. Glenn gives you five powerful keys to destroy the spirit of barrenness and forbid it from ever operating in your life. 

CD: A New Season of Fruitfulness

A new season of Fruitfulness… Tired of fruitlessness? Are you tired of being like Peter when he said to Jesus, 'Master, we have toiled all night long and have gotten nothing.' If this is where you are, then you need this message to help you break free from any facets of fruitlessness running rampant in your life. Just as seasons change, you can enter a new season of joy, victory and vibrancy as you activate the principles that Dr Glenn will unveil to you in this faith inspiring message.


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