Life and Career Advancement

USB Flashdrive


Are you ready to take the lid of limitation off your life?

Do you want to go to the next level in your life, career and ministry? 

Are you frustrated and don’t know how to turn your potential into power and productivity?

Have you prayed and still have not seen the breakthrough that you are desiring?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the questions above, this USB flash drive will give you keys to unlock your life, career and ministry. If you want your career and life to experience super growth then you need to INVEST in your life. No one can invest more in your life than you!

This Life and Career Advancement USB flash drive contains:

  • Turning your dreams into destiny [eBook]

14 MP3 messages: 

  • 12 Indispensable qualities for success
  • Wisdom Secrets for winning [4 messages]
  • 10 characteristics of the eagle believer
  • Building your future
  • The values of goal setting [2 messages]
  • 10 virtues of a strong spirit
  • The wisdom of the ant
  • 7 pillars of wisdom
  • The values and virtues of goal setting

The wisdom secrets that you will learn from these messages and eBook will transform your life and create a greater sphere of influence around you. 

Individually these products would cost $100 but are available to you for far less because we want to invest in your life!


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