The Holy Spirit, The Supernatural & You


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You are only as effective as the quality of the information you receive. As a believer, you will be empowered, enlightened and energized as theses exciting truths become alive in your heart and mind.

This book is a tool for the believer and minister, equipping them to fix life’s problems. Life and ministry without the Holy Spirit, the Supernatural and His gifts will be a cycle of frustration but with Him actively involved, Bible results will become your reality!

If you are tired of living your Christian life without results then you need this great tool in your hands TODAY.

Through this book, Dr Glenn helps you:

  • To develop your relationship with the greatest partner – The Holy Spirit
  • To attract an active partnership with the Holy Spirit
  • To grasp the purpose and validity of the gifts of the Spirit
  • How to activate the gifts in your life and ministry
  • To know what Paul meant by 'the best gift'
  • To understand what the supernatural means
  • To release the supernatural in your life and ministry
  • To delve into 101 benefits of praying Tongues
  • To understand the efficacy of fasting for a supernatural ministry
  • To keep the fire of God burning in your life

This book contains 13 powerful chapters that will help you in your walk with God.


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