Turning Your Dreams Into Realities


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I’m living the dreamis an expression that is often said but hardly ever experienced. Much has been said in the past years about the importance of dreams and visions for a fulfilled life and yet there are more dissatisfied people today than ever. This is because without wisdom, strategies and disciplines, visions remain grounded. Many have not reached the lofty positions that their dreams had for them due to a lack of these three fundamental forces.

Solomon, the most successful entrepreneurial king, knew the keys to success and he said in Ecclesiastes, ‘For a dream cometh through the multitude of business…’ Modern translations render this verse as, 'A dream comes through by much business, much activities and painful efforts.’ Sitting down and merely having a dream without activities, strategies and certain disciplines implemented in your life will not trigger your dream to materialize. 

This book explains the necessary wisdom strategies and the corresponding disciplines that you need to turn your dreams into realities. In this book you will learn:

  • you are the number one enterprise that you need to build 
  • to destroy the excuses people use to abort their destiny
  • the values of goals and diversities of goals
  • time management
  • the ten characteristics of the diligent 
  • the million dollar habits you need to develop
  • wisdom secrets from the ants, the conies, the locusts and the spiders
  • to turn your dreams into realities

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