Provoking Unlimited Exploits

Digital Audio

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Daniel prophesied many years ago, 'The people that know their God, shall be strong and do exploits.' (Daniel 11:32). It is now a time for you to do great exploits in the land. It is not sufficient for you to rejoice over the exploits of others. While this is noble, it is time for others to be rejoicing over your great exploits. If you are not seeing exploits in your life then you need to examine your walk with God.

In this new series, Dr Glenn will unravel the secrets to great exploits. It will cause you to be offensive against fear, doubt, unbelief and the devil as you discover the keys that will unlock aggressive faith for exploits. It is time for you to operate in the faith that takes and possesses rather than the faith that waits. It is time for you to break every resistance opposing your destiny. It is time for you to experience unlimited exploits. This is a riveting 6-part series that you simply must have. Order today!


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