Dominion Through Words

Digital Audio

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Dominion Through Words - You cannot change your life unless you change your words! You cannot change your destiny unless you change your words! God created man with words of authority and dominion. Therefore man was created to dominate circumstances, devils and diseases. However due to Adam's sin of high treason, he relinquished his power and dominion to Satan who used it as a weapon of mass destruction against mankind.

After Calvary we no longer have any excuse for the devil or circumstances  dominating us. In this  series, 'Dominion Through Words', you will enjoy two messages that unveil the key to walking in dominion upon the earth. Satan knows that he needs your words to dominate you, and you need to know you need God's word in your mouth to dominate him. The choice is yours! You cannot change your life unless you change your words. Order this series today and learn the power of words to alter your life. Peter said, 'If you will love your life and see good days then you must refrain your lips from speaking evil.'

Do you want to love your life and see good day? -  then this series is a must for you!


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