Boldness for the Supernatural

Digital Audio

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  • Do you want to see miracles and healings in your life and ministry?
  • Are you yearning for the same as it was said of Paul in the book of Acts, 'And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul...' (Acts 19:11)?
  • Do you crave to see miracles as in the ministry of Jesus during Bible days or do you wish you were alive to have seen the miracles and healings during old great revivals?

Then you need boldness!

What is stopping you from seeing the hand of God over your life and ministry is a lack of boldness.

Without boldness, Christianity is a nice theory without proof. With it, the miraculous is unleashed. The moment Satan robs you of boldness and you live and pray timidly is the moment where you will not see the supernatural.

If you want special miracles through your hands then this message is a must for for you. Glenn will show you what boldness is, what it will do and how to obtain it.


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