The Power of Judicial And Legislative Prayer

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The believer needs to understand there are two kinds of prayer: Devotional and Judicial. All believers know about the devotional side of prayer where we worship and relate to God. Unfortunately the majority of believers do not have a clue about the judicial side. This is where you pray to obtain justice.

In Luke 18, when Jesus was teaching about prayer, he stated that the widow asked the judge 'Avenge me of mine adversary'. To 'avenge' in Greek means give me justice. She felt a sense of injustice had been done against her. Have you ever heard these words or utter these words yourself: 'That's not fair'..?  If so then this powerful series must be yours as your understanding will open to another vital but rarely known side of prayer.

Words such as intercessor, advocate, judge and accuser are legal words that were used in a court of law. This powerful series is a must for you if you are facing adverse situations and need justice to be done on your behalf.


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