Healing belongs to you

The same Cross that paid for your sins and iniquities also paid for your sicknesses. Today you need... [Read more]

Mental preparation for an effective fast

Fasting series – part seven

It is important that as you embark on a fast that you prepare and position yourself correctly to... [Read more]

What does the birth of Jesus mean?

At Christmas (and at other times!), we need to think about what the birth of Jesus means to us as... [Read more]

No more season of barrenness

The opening chapter of the book of Luke gives us a great lesson that has been overlooked, and yet... [Read more]

When should I fast?

Fasting series – part six

Many times I have been asked, 'Glenn when should I fast?' That is a great question. While we can... [Read more]

Is fasting legalistic?

Fasting series – part five

Today there are many ministers who purport that those who fast and the churches that declare days... [Read more]

How long should I fast for?

Fasting series – part four

That is an excellent question. I can tell you that if you have never fasted before and you are just... [Read more]

Is fasting relevant today?

Fasting series – part three

Is fasting relevant today? As with other subjects, this is a question that you must answer for... [Read more]

The quantum leap in your life

Fasting series – part two

Fasting is the quantum leap that you need to break delays; it will be the abrupt interruption from ... [Read more]

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