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Are you ready to power up your prayerl ife? Is your prayer life a source of frustration for you? Do you want to know how how give God time in prayer? Do you want to be a champion in prayer? Then help is on the way. Glenn has brought out two new series of messages that will train and give you the spirit of prayer. Who else is better qualified to teach you on prayer than the Lord Jesus himself! Glenn meticulously goes through the exhaustive prayer life of our Lord. You will grasp the priority, place and period  that Jesus gave to prayer to see its potency. The two sets combined have five messages geared to boost and propel your prayerlife to depths and dimensions that you need to enter in order for you to command your destiny upon the earth. It is time for you to see the manifestion of the prophecies over your life and the kingdom of God to be established in your destiny. 

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Developing your prayer life set - 2 messages - Cds @ $16+s&h

The prayer life of Jesus set - 3 messages - Cds @ $24 +s&h

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