Sept raisons pour avoir la foi dans le sang de Jesus

Le sang de Jésus est la garantie de notre rédemption, de notre salut et de notre protection. Le... [Read more]

Prophecy - The voice of heaven

On Thursday May 5, we had a special guest on our daily teaching show. The theme was 'Prophecy - the... [Read more]

What to do when you do not see your destiny unfolding

We started a series entitled, 'What to do when you do not see your destiny unfolding'. It is sad to... [Read more]

Seven traits of peak performers

In our second 'Life and Career Enhancement'  message, I have expanded on the Seven Traits Of Peak... [Read more]

Dominion over the devil and demons

Have a look, watch and listen to Wednesday 22nd April's online bible study. The subject of dominion... [Read more]

How to train your human spirit

I started a new series on Facebook and YouTube this week entitled 'How to train your human spirit... [Read more]

Life and Career Advancement during and Post Covid-19

Covid-19 has literally impacted and changed the world - the way it operates. Millions of people... [Read more]

Am I entitled to divine health in my old age?

Please watch April 16 live teaching on experiencing divine health in old age. Jacob had a great... [Read more]

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