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Church For The Nations

Fulfilling Your Prophetic Mandate

The weekend of January 24-26, I was privileged once again to be in the great European city of Geneva ministering for Church For the Nations. The church is now pastored by Alice Kuruvilla since her husband Philippe went home to glory last year. Situated in the center of Geneva, Church for the Nations is truly an international and cosmopolitan church with many of her members working in the United nations. The European members are Swiss, French, Italian and Spanish to name a few. Church for the Nations amazingly also boasts of a great representation from South America with Bolivians, Peruvians, Chilleans, Argentinians, Hondurans and Columbians. From the African continent, there were Ghanians, Nigerians, Kenyans, Burundians, Congolese, Senegalese and Malawians. Since the founding pastor was Indian and the founding members were from Philippines, the Asians were duly present as well. Islanders were also well represented from Mauritius , Seychelles, Fiji and Jamaica.



1. There can be no possession without contention 

The month of January is dedicated to fasting and prayer for many churches worldwide. Therefore I began the friday night with a series, 'Fulfilling Your Prophetic Destiny' by engaging prayer as a chief weapon of warfare.  Using Paul's mandatory advice to Timothy and moving to Moses, we quickly defined prophecy as the unfolding of divine agenda. The platform was laid for the people to see that divine agenda on a personal level is not fulfilled just because of the veracity of the prophecy. It will take the violence of faith and prayer to transition into the Promised Land. We must pray for a word from God and once received we must pray to see that word fulfilled. God said to Moses, 'Rise ye up, take your journey, and pass over the river Arnon: behold, I have given into thine hand Sihon the Amorite, king of Heshbon, and his land: BEGIN TO POSSESS IT and contend with him in battle.'(Deuteronomy 2:24) I went on to explain to the people, 'If God gave us the land then why do we have to content for it?' Because there is someone occupying what belongs to us. You need to understand that. Someone is illegally occupying what rightfully belongs to you but you have to do what Jesus said to do, 'The violent take it by force'.



2. The Wisdom of the Ant

The Saturday service was geared to motivate people to be successful by taking deliberate steps to ensure a well thought and well planned out life. I stressed to the younger generation specially that success is not guaranteed just because one is a believer. There are principles to follow in order to have a custom designed life. Using the words of Agur from the thirtieth chapter of Proverbs, we extracted wisdom from an unlikely source - the ant. From this tiny creature we discovered some great keys to life such as

  1. Great things come in small packages 
  2. Little is big when wisdom is applied  
  3. Your present size does not determine your full potential
  4. Wisdom will uncap physical limitations 
  5. Preparation will bring provision
  6. Seasons will change
  7. Be industrious
  8. Be clear in your objectives

3. The values of praying in Tongues

I also ministered in another church in Geneva on the Sunday afternoon on the values of praying in unknown tongues. Using John 21 as a launching pad, we saw that Peter had a prophetic word from the Resurrected Savior that he would live to be an old man. In spite of this prophetic word, Herod was intent on killing him in Acts 12. There was a decree of death on the life of Peter and if the church did not invoke extended and protracted prayers, his life would have gone the way of James irrespective of the promise over his life. It is through unceasing prayer that the decree of death was overruled. Praying in tongues is overruling the decrees of death with the Rhemas of God. It is therefore imperative for the believer to pray in unknown tongues


Prayer is receiving justice

January​ 17-19

I kicked off 2014's itinerary in Jacksonville, Florida where I was ministering in New Covenant Church. It was a great privilege and a great honor to minister in this great church. It was my first time in New Covenant, a large church with a radio station and a prayer tower. This vibrant church is under the leadership of Bishop Wiley Tomlinson and his wife Dr Jeana. New Covenant Church is a key church in the city and I was there for three days teaching on the subject of prayer. We had five intensive sessions on prayer and some of the subjects covered were:

Engaging prayer to fulfill prophetic destiny

We looked at the prophecy that Peter received from the mouth of the Resurrected Savior on the beach telling that he would lived to be an old man and yet his life was threatened by Herod in the twelft chapter of Acts.

We discovered that there are different kinds of prophecies. We saw that personal prophecy was the unfolding of divine agenda for a person. We also discovered that the fulfillment of personal prophecy is not automatic. Peter did not just chilled and relax hoping that the prophecy will kick into gear. If the church did not pray, Peter would have gone the way of James who was beheaded by Herod. It took the church to tap into 'the prayer' to overrule the death decree of Herod. It was through praying in the Spirit, known as praying  in tongues that the plan of Herod under the influence of Satan was thwarted. 

    The legal side of prayer

    For too long prayer has been defined as simply 'talking to God'. Although that is true and is known as the devotional side of prayer, we learned that there is another side of prayer known as the judicial kind where legislation in the spirit are decreed. Job aptly wrote, 'Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee' and Proverbs declared, 'Death and life are in the power of the tongue'. We saw that the Hebrew word for 'power' is 'hand'. You need to get these messages to download and decipher these revelations. We saw that 'prayer' means 'to make intervention' and the word 'pray' means to intervene. We also learned that Jesus, when teaching on the subject of prayer, purposely employed the word 'avenge'. Why did Jesus use the word 'avenge' in connection to prayer. The words 'avenge' and 'prayer'  are not connected in our philosophy of prayer and yet the Lord Jesus specifically employed this word. We went on to look at the meaning of the word 'avenge'.

    Praying Through

    We looked at the power of praying through. We looked at the notion that if you pray about a situation more than one time then it is unbelief. We saw that from the life of Elijah who prayed seven times and the Lord Jesus Christ who prayed three times about the same thing in the Garden of Gethsemane that repeated prayers are not unbelief.  We saw that there are different kinds of prayers with different principles.

    Engaging fasting to break delays and frustration in order to move into your destiny

    We saw that frustration is an indication that we are not in our place of destination. We saw that Daniel, Nehemiah, Paul and Jesus fasted therefore fasting is for us today. We looked at how fasting is getting one's eyes off of oneself and put them upon God. We saw how the enemy loves to delay the destiny of the believer and that we must contend for our destiny. The point was that there would be no possession unless there is contention.

    The meetings were very explosive and the people of God exploded with exhuberant shouts and ran around the church as the Word was preached under the anointing of God.