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Building Your Future

Ecclesiastes 5:3; “A dream cometh through the multitude of business…”

Ecclesiastes 5:3; “A dream comes through by much effort.” (NASB)

One thing is for sure: you were created by God to be a winner. Whether you realize it or not there is a sleeping giant inside of you that needs to be awaken. You may look rough on the outside but there is a diamond on the inside. Your potential will be released and activated though dreams and work.

All of us have dreams and visions. What is a dream? More importantly, what is your dream? A dream is something that you want to achieve. You want to achieve something great in your life. This is how God wired us. God has given us the ability to dream dreams in order to take us out of a small place to a wealthy place, to turn defeat into victory and to make something out of what look like nothing .God has designed us in a way where we always want to break out of our borders.

Two types of dreamers

Everybody dreams but not all dreams are effective. Everybody dreams but not everybody will live and fulfill their dreams.  There are two types of dreams and dreamers, but satan is afraid of only one type.

The first type of dream is the one you have at night when you are sleeping, from the recesses of your mind and the multitudes of thoughts. Everyone has dreams like that but the moment you wake up you are back to reality. I once dreamt I was a champion jockey and I was winning the Derby but when I woke up, I wasn’t on a horse but on my bed. It was real as long as I was asleep but the moment I woke up it was gone. I tried to get it back again when I went to sleep but it was gone.

The second type of dreamer is the one who can dream with his eyes wide open. That’s the type of dream and dreamer that satan is afraid of. One is a night-dreamer but the other a day-dreamer. Satan is afraid of the day dreamer. Now I understand that day-dreaming is looked upon as time wasting but in reality it is powerful. The power to imagine, visualize, wonder  and dream are crucial to success in life

Genesis 11:6; “…and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”

Dreams, vision and imaginations will shake you from the dust of the ground to the heights of heaven. Your dreams will bring you to a place where you break out of your borders and limitations. Are you a day-dreamer? I know I am. I may be in a place of confinement but if I can begin to dream and visualize my miracle and work on it, then it is only a matter of time before it is a living reality in my life.

Ephesians 3:20; “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”

The phrase “able to do exceeding abundantly” literally means “to transcend all limits and break out of your borders”.  Are you ready to break records in the next twelve months of your life? Do you want to beat your financial record? I am sure you want to!

What now?So you have your dream and vision? What is the next step? No dream ever come to pass without some actions. You have to start working on your dream. Sitting and just confessing the Word over your dream will not make it materialize. As great as confession is, that will not suffice. Work has to be implemented to move dreams into reality. You must be used to working hard and working smart.

Work Hard

Hard work as a key to success is a well-known adage. Parents as well as teachers will drive a child to work hard so that he can achieve good scores for better options of a better career. One main thing you will notice about those who have their dream fulfilled is that they work hard. They are very diligent. In the Bible, other terms for lazy people are ‘slothful’, ‘sluggard’ and ‘slack’. Lazy people are wasters. They waste time, energy and life. They are always full of excuses and procrastinate. You need to eradicate these traits, if you recognize them in you. Learn to be diligent. Never be afraid to put your back in it. Any person who will excel in his life and career will do so through the diligence of hard work. Here are two great quotes to meditate upon,

‘Without amb​ition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work.’ Thomas Edison

I want you to understand that talent does not necessarily mean intelligence, drive and motivation. Talent on its own will not guarantee success. Diligence and hand work must be attached to it.  It is naive to think that if you find the field where you're naturally gifted will spur you to greatness. It takes a consistent high-level performance to enhance greatness. It requires you maintain a drive for hard work. What do we mean by hard work?

* Consistently work on improving or honing your skills. Never think you have arrived
* Check out the competition and see what they are doing that you are not
* Cultivate the character of excellence and a finisher
* Comply with time. Make time work for and not against you
* Commit to be productive daily
* Cut off wrong people, procrastination and lackluster attitude out of your life 

Work Smart

In addition to being diligent and working hard, you have to learn to work smart. This is a great key to see quicker results in your life, ministry and career. You need to learn to work hard at working smart. To work smart does not mean that you cut corners and compromise. Work smart is defined as a work ethic concept that believes that ethically one should work more intelligently as opposed to harder thus entailing choosing the most efficient use of your time and energy before one acts. It simply means you tap into what trigger fast desired results. How does one do that?

* Pose questions. Is what I am doing the best way to get the result I desire? Ask questions of yourself and people around you. Ask a professional or someone who has done what you want to do.

* Plan and prioritize. Without planning and prioritizing, you will be all over the place. God himself is a master planner. Learn to plan your life. Plan a day, a week and a year. Then have a five-year plan. Find out what is priority. Make it your priority to know what the priority of your life and business are.

* Protect Productive Personal Relationship. Protect the right relationship and walk away from relationship that is not a priority to fulfill your dream and goal. The right person will deploy your life and the wrong person will defile your life. Cultivate a close and personal relationship with those whose gift and talent can deploy your greatness. The right person in your life is a door that will save you years of trying to make it happen by yourself.

Combining working hard and working smart will be the catalyst for great change in your life.

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