The Tripping Point - Part 1

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Proverbs 24:10; "If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small."

Allow me to put up several translations of this verse. The Good News Bible pens, 'If you are weak in a crisis, you are weak indeed.' The Living Bible aptly translates, 'You are a poor specimen if you can’t stand the pressure of adversity.' The Message translation writes, 'If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn’t much to you in the first place.'

Words seem to evolve to different meanings as the years go by or as new cultures are formed. What meant something in a past generation has a total new meaning today which would not resonate with the past generations. I can speak French and English and I have seen this phenomenon in this two languages. One such word in today's American society is 'tripping'. Years ago to say 'I'm tripping' would mean to journey to another place, or to take a trip. Today the word 'tripping' has been defined in the dictionary as

  1. When one is in a serious state of disarray
  2. To freak out and go crazy
  3. Getting agitated and behaving in an erratic fashion
  4. When one does something clumsy resulting in the failure
  5. (Electronics)  (of an electrical circuit) to disconnect or be disconnected or (of a machine) to stop or be stopped by means of a trip switch or trip button

When there is a electric surge in your home, then your fuse trips out cutting off electricity in the house. I have seen this many times and I am sure you have too where someone in the house is using a hairdryer which tripped a circuit breaker. Years ago, we lived in a house that we could not used all the electrical appliances at the same time and every time my wife or daughters would used the hairdryer, the power kept going out. To make matter worse, that house was so old that the fuse box or breaker was outside.It was frustrating to deal with this on a cold winter and snowy night. You see the house had a tripping point. Any time there was a surge, it would hit the tripping point and cut off power in the whole house. One little hairdryer can trip and cut off power in one whole section of the house. You see, Satan knows what to do to get you to the tripping point. He thrives on you tripping out. This is what happens when you trip out. You may recognized yourself or someone close to you through these actions I am going to mention.

  • Do something clumsy and illogical when under pressure
  • Freaks out emotionally and lash out at loved ones
  • To be in a daze not knowing their movements
  • Quitting or threatening to quit in the middle of a project or pressured time
  • Walks out, resigns or breaks down emotionally (That can be in the context of marriage, ministry or work) 
  • Sulks one minute and the next minute is irritated
  • Feeling of despair and depression 
  • Shuts down

​The interesting thing about these actions is that these are not just the expressions of unbelievers but also of believers. You do not have to go outside the church to see people who are falling apart and tripping out. You can see it in church. You see it in people who claim to be born again and Spirit filled. To be frank with you, there does not seem to be any difference in how some believers act and react to unbelievers. Some believers are just as depressed and irrational as some unbelievers. They trip out, cuss, resign, walk out on their job, church, spouse and children. That's the tripping point that needs to be stopped! Let me pose a question to you, 'What is your tripping point?', 'Who trips you?' The words of the Living Bible are very striking to me, 'You are a poor specimen if you can’t stand the pressure of adversity.'  You see you can make many excuses but there is little to justify being a poor specimen. So the question remains, 'Why are you tripping?' 

Part 2 will follow shortly


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