Time Management Tips

Time is the currency of life, how you spend it determines whether it is an investment or a loss. However unlike monetary currency, you cannot make more time. This is why it is important to maximize each and every second, minute and hour to make great gains with the exact allotted time we all have. The beauty of time management is that it allows the Lord to establish the work of our hands. Time was given to you as a gift from God to be productive. The ability to manage your time well will unleash productivity and profit in your life.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 

Ecclesiastes 3:1


So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom…And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.

 Psalm 90:12, 17

Time management and productivity go hand in hand

In the verse above Solomon who was the most productive person ever to live (apart from Jesus) revealed that time and purpose go together. When we don’t understand our purpose then we will not value time. Secondly when we do not understand purpose then productivity will fade away. For purpose to be deployed to its fullest capacity you need to understand the value of time and the seasons of life.  When you grasp the concept of time, you will number your days. This simply means you will be aware of the  minutes and hours that make a day and you will look at what you are investing into to create the purposeful life you were designed to live.

Before you get hung up on the days that you have wasted, first consider the minutes and hours that you have wasted. It is the seconds, minutes and hours that make a day. Therefore it is imperative that you look at the minutes and hours of your daily activities to know how you are spending your time. 

Time is a currency that you can spend and obtain a good deal or a bad deal. From today I want you to be aware of time. Be aware that everybody in the world has 24 hours to work within to be productive. The billionaire does not have 28 hours and you have 24. No! We all have the same level playing field. It is what you do in that 24 hours that determines what you acquire or don't. 

One of the most common expressions that you will hear from people today is, ‘I wished I had more time in the day!’ The truth is we all have 24 hours! However if you were to examine your day, you will quickly find out there are ways to get more time in the day to be productive. This is achieved by cutting time wasting activities. Here are a few time management principles that you can apply today to get more time that you are looking for. Some of them are very basic but oblivious to many people. 


1 -- Wake up earlier  The earlier you wake up the more time you will have. The Scripture is clear that if you love much sleep then poverty will come on you


2  -- Cut down on social media Some people live for social media and are addicted to it. The constant checking of Facebook, Instagram, emails, Snapchat, WhatsApp  and Twitter to name a few will keep you from being productive. The amount of time that we waste looking at these can be exorbitant without realizing. Some people need deliverance from the spirit of social media. 


3  -- Block time in the day for specific tasks Without the secret of time blocking then your time is open up to be taken and wasted by other trivial things. 


4  -- Be conscious of  the amount of  time allocated to TV and game time These days there are so many apps and so many games available on our phones that we spend far too much time amusing ourselves when we should be productive. People who watch tv less tend to be more productive people. 


5  -- Plan your day  If you do not plan your day then anything and anyone can take your day. One of the greatest secrets of high-achievers is having a daily planner. Whether you have an old fashioned diary/planner or an online planner is up to you but you need to have one. Learn to plan a week and learn to plan a day.


6  -- Put your cell phone away or on silent As amazing as the cell phone is, yet it can be one of the biggest sources of distraction.  Now with emails available on them and all other apps, the cell phone can consume your time. Don’t feel that you have to answer every phone call. When someone calls, it does not mean you want to speak to them but that they want to speak to you. So you can choose if you want to speak to them or not. Let it go to voicemail and if it is important, they will send you a text and you can get back to them. 


7  -- Do not multitask Focus on one thing at a time. Give it the necessary attention and time and you will achieve success. 


8  -- Give a task a time period I have always discovered that when I give a particular task a time limit without distraction that more gets done in that time period. This is what I do for book writing.


9 -- Capitalize on time gaps What is  a time gap? Time gaps are the times between one place to the next place such as  commuting from home to work or from one destination to another destination such as flying. I fly extensively and I stay in hotels all the time so I use the time gap of flying and in the hotels to do over 90% of book writing and reading. From Atlanta to Johannesburg will be over 15 hours of non stop flying. What a great time to write and read with no distraction. I don’t say to myself, ‘Wow, I can watch 8 movies’. No!! I exploit these time gaps to be productive and productivity turns into profit.


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