Mental preparation for an effective fast

Fasting series – part seven

It is important that as you embark on a fast that you prepare and position yourself correctly to maximize the results of the fast. People fail in fasting because they simply do not know how to prepare for an effective fast. Fasting is a bit like going to the gym and seeing all the equipment that can give you the body that you desire but without the proper use of the machines and weights you are liable to hurt yourself. Just as when working out you have a pre-workout, workout and post workout the same can be applied to fasting.  

Through the years I have failed many times in fasting because I did not know how to correctly prepare and position myself according to the Scriptures. Through a lack of knowledge, fasting felt more like dieting or a hunger strike to me.  Because I did not prepare myself adequately prior to the fast  I failed and gave up on my fast. In yesterday's blog we briefly touched on the physical preparation prior to the fast. Today we will look at the mental preparation prior to the fast:

1 Identify and determine what type of fast you will do and commit to.

You must resolve in yourself what type of fast you will do and commit to it. That is entirely based upon your decision and capacity. Do not look at what others are doing. You fast according to your capacity. You have a choice between a normal fast, the Daniel fast and the total fast (maximum of three days). Prepare yourself mentally as to which type of fast you will do and make a quality decision to stick with it.

2 Identify and determine what is the exact goal of your fast. 

Fasting, like faith thrives upon specificity. If you are vague in regards to the goal of your fast then you will vacillate when you feel the pain of hunger.  Faith must be specific to work and fasting must be specific to work. What are you looking to receive from your fast? Write it down then use your fast as a laser beam to cut through the opposition and receive your miracle. So be specific. It’s your life, so be big in your asking. 

3 Identify and determine the length of your fast and commit to it.

Is it going to be 1 day normal fast or a 21 day fast? You must determine in your heart and mind what you will do because you can take it to the bank that the devil will attack you. There will be ample opportunities to be tempted off your fast by your loved ones or by the FOOD commercials you see on the  tv and on billboards. You will  be amazed how your sense of smell is heightened when you are fasting. This is why you must resolve inwardly the length, the goal and the type of fast that you will do and stick to it.


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