Healing belongs to you

The same Cross that paid for your sins and iniquities also paid for your sicknesses. Today you need to understand that divine healing is your inheritance. In fact Jesus called 'healing' the children's bread. As a born again believer I am fully convinced that it is my divine right to walk in divine healing, divine health and divine life. You also need to be convinced of this fact. However, as long as there are questions in your mind as to whether or not  it is God's will to heal, your faith will be hampered from receiving what Jesus legally purchased for you. Faith is effective when you are single minded but if you are double minded, James said, 'Let not that man think that he shall receive anything from the Lord.' (James 1:7)

You need to be fully convinced that sickness is the offspring of its parents, Satan and sin. It came in the earth on the wings of Adam's sin and afflicted all of humanity. Jesus came into this earth as savior, healer and redeemer. Settle in your mind and spirit once and for all that healing belongs to you because the Word says,

By his stripes ye were healed.

1 Peter 2:24

You can tell that God wants you healed because there are so many ways to be healed in the Scriptures. In fact nature itself teaches you that healing is for you. As soon as you get a bruise or a cut, God has put within your body a system of self healing and recovery. Now from the Scriptures, we have derived that we can healed by

  • Faith
  • Prayer
  • Confessing the Word
  • Prayer from the elders
  • Anointing with oil
  • GIfts of the Spirit- gifts of healings and working of miracles
  • Authority of the name of Jesus
  • Pleading the blood of Jesus

There are myriad ways to receive healing  in the Bible. All that God is looking for is for you to believe  and receive. 

Healing belongs to you


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