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Are you ready to take the lid of limitation off your life? 
Do you want to go to the next level in your life, career and ministry? 
Are you frustrated and don’t know how to turn your potential into power and productivity?
Have you prayed and...
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In October ending, I will be in Abuja ministering for Dr Andrew Osakwe 'New Posssiblities' Summit convention. The venue will be 

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‘Behold here comes the dreamer’ were words spoken of Joseph in a negative fashion from his brothers. However Joseph turned the dreams which he had into tangible realities. For many people this is not so. They still live in the realm of unfulfilled dreams. Why? Because without the necessary tools, skills and qualities, dreams remain unseen. Without the necessary tools,...

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Two informational and life changing messages for $20

Are you ready for an inspiring journey to advance your career, expand your boundaries, enriching your attitude thus rekindling your motivation to obtain your desired results? Then this brand new CD or MP3 series is for you.  You will learn twelve simple but mostly overlooked secrets to success in ministry, business and life.

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Healing Belongs To You - Coming out NEXT WEEK

Jesus declared that healing is the children's bread. It is the divine right of every believer to walk in divine healing, divine...

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