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Giving yourself to long stretch of time praying in tongues will be a vital key to tapping the miraculous and moving in the glory of God. Heed the words of John G Lake when he said, ‘I want to talk with the utmost frankness and say to you, that tongues have been the making of my ministry. It is that peculiar communication with God when God reveals to my soul the truth I utter to you day by day in the ministry....Many times, I climb out of bed, take my pencil and...

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Wednesday 24th September

In September, I will be ministering in Family Harvest Church under the pastorate of Dr Robb Thompson. It will be the Wednesday night's Bible Study. If you live in the Tinley Park area, we would love to see you. 


18500 92nd Avenue
Tinley Park, Illinois 60487
Phone: 708.614.6000
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In life, you will meet all kinds of people! So many will cross your path as you course through the journey called life. There are some people who will be pillars in your life and others who will be a bone of contention. In my journey, I have met thousands upon thousands...

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Leviticus 6:12; "Meanwhile, the fire on the altar must be kept burning; it must never go out." New Living Translation 

One of the greatest thing that I have ever been asked is, 'Dr Glenn, how do I keep the fire of God burning in my life? How do I stay onfire for God?' So many who start out on fire for God do not remain with the same fervency that they once had...

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God is always is speaking but we cannot seem to discern his voice. The chief reason for not hearing him is due to all the other voices in the world clamoring for your attention. Whatever voice you heed will be the point of influence in your life and will determine your decorum and disposition. 

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There are many kinds of prayer in the bible. We have heard about - intercession, petition, consecration, supplication, binding and loosing, prayer of faith and prayer of agreement to name a few. But one of the greatest prayer I learnt about from King David is the prayer of enquiry. This is epitomized in his life when he was first anointed to be king over all of Israel and the...

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Break free from the fallen genetics of the first Adam passed down to the human race and live from your new identity in Christ. This book will enlighten your understanding to your position in Jesus Christ. No longer will you accept the lies of the devil as the norms in your...

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Enjoy this message as Dr Glenn takes you to Paris and expounds on the different aspects of communion with the Holy Spirit. This is a must for you if you want to deepen your relationship with the third person of the Trinity. Without he Holy Spirit's touch over your life, your christianity will be tasteless and morbid. Enjoy the four keys that will deepen your relationship with the Parakletos.

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Three powerful tools to put the devil on the run. Two books combo with a dvd message that will bless your life tremendously.

Two powerful books:

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The greatest thing a believer can ever learn in his life on the earth to constantly taste victory is to be led by the Holy Ghost. The Apostle Paul was a man who knew the leading of the Spirit and was extremely keen to reveal this truth in his epistles. We see 'the leadings of the Spirit' in the life of Paul demonstrated in the book of Acts and then in the Roman epistle he expounds on this great truth.

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